How to join

Joining is a two-part process. The first step is registering for vBulletin, our online forum, and the second is applying for membership with our larger community. Here’s how:

Registering for vBulletin

  • First you will need to create a user name and register on the CoF discussion board. We will never sell or distribute your personal information in any way without your consent.
    Click here » Registration form
  • You will then get an email with a confirmation link from vBulletin, which you must click to enable your registration
  • Once you have confirmed your email address, you will be able to log into the discussion board. Please allow up to one hour for the system to complete your registration. You will have limited access to our public forums only.

Applying for Membership

  • In order to get access to all of our discussion forums you will need to apply to become a member of our community.
    Please click here » Membership Application form.
    We would like to learn a little about you and your family and why you would like to join us. Our forums are private and can only be viewed by CoF members.
  • The membership application form is reviewed by the facilitators before membership is granted. Usually you will hear back from someone within 24 hours but sometimes it can take a little longer since it's a manual process.
  • If you have any questions you may post in the public forums or send an email to

Annual dues are only $10 per family and there are scholarships available.

Some of the benefits of membership include:
  • Website: Our website is an easy to use, fully searchable bulletin board system, where we connect and organize activities. Our website is a wonderful way to have discussions with like-minded families about all aspects of life. We also have resources and links for all types of natural living choices in the area, such as breastfeeding, cloth diapering, homeschooling, health care practitioners, food cooperatives, kid friendly stores and restaurants, etc.
  • Regular Meet and Greets: Frequent opportunities to meet with fellow members/friends in person for association and support.
  • Calendar of Events: This part of our bulletin board lists all of our current playgroups, field trips, monthly gatherings, weekend events, workshops and community volunteer projects.
  • Co-ops: Resources are listed to purchase organic and natural products from local farmers, CSAs and mail-order sources such as pasture-fed meat, poultry, wild salmon, eggs, raw milk, kefir, cheeses and more. Natural home product co-ops are also offered.
  • Quarterly Potlucks: An opportunity to gather with other families and share a meal and the joy of association and community.
  • Playgroups: Regular playgroups spread out over the Philadelphia-metro area that include many different ages. Special playgroups, such as ones devoted to baby sign language and music, are also common. 
  • Lending Library: Books and DVDs on many different parenting and natural living topics are available to loan to members.
  • Baby Carrier Library: We have several types of baby carriers available to try out and borrow.
  • Trading Post: Our classified section. Buy, sell, or trade just about anything.
  • Meals for Members: Our members will cook and deliver meals for families who have just given birth, had a serious illness or life event, or any other time when a homecooked meal might lighten the load.

As you can see we are unique in our focus and dedicated to offering like-minded families a place where they can have their parenting values accepted rather than challenged. Despite being closely linked with Attachment Parenting philosophy we frown on dogmatic principles and encourage any and all mindful parenting choices, thoughts and ideas.  

We look forward to meeting you!