Who we are

Circle of Families is an active group of over 100 families from the greater Philadelphia area that convene to learn about and discuss attachment parenting and natural family living. The active message board allows members to ask questions and share experiences in creating healthy and happy families in a rapidly changing world. It’s not all business—discussion topics include current world affairs, books, dinner planning and everything else under the sun! In addition to the message board, members also meet in person through group events, smaller playgroups and outings. Many members have made lifelong friends through Circle of Families. And that’s the goal of the organization—to have fun and form lasting friendships in a supportive and educational environment.

Our history

In October 2003, the group started with ten women who called themselves Main Line Moms. They were searching for a group to support families choosing to live their lives simply and parent their children in a natural and respectful way. Each of the founding members felt isolated in their parenting styles and hoped to build a strong community of members with similar values.

Today that original group of ten women has grown to over 100 families and has grown in geography to stretch across the greater Philadelphia area. The name of the group changed to Circle of Families but the original tenets still hold: to support one another in a paradigm shift toward peaceful living and natural parenting. Regardless of where members are on the natural living spectrum, they are provided with a wealth of information on attachment parenting, alternative health care, homebirthing, midwifery, informed consent to medical practices, supporting local and sustainable agriculture, working outside of the home, positive discipline, alternative educational practices and more.

The goals of the original ten members—to create a strong and supportive community—have been reached. As the number of members has increased and the children have grown, so has the shared knowledge and expertise of the members. Today, members of the organization tell birth stories, exchange recipes, enjoy meals and share their hearts. They are often the first one to hold newborn babies and are always there to provide support including providing meals for families with new babies and childcare when needed.

The current members of Circle of Families are devoted to maintaining the vision of the founders.

Our Mission

To provide education and a support network for Philadelphia-area families about attachment parenting and sustainable living.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which parents come together as a village to share the support and wisdom that will help us treat our children and our world with respect and care. Natural living and attachment parenting will help us to build a sustainable future for our Circle of Families.